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Stone of Power – Book 1 of the Keepers of Earth


Our world is alive and often in trouble.

When Earth faces a serious threat from collapsing alternate dimensions, it handpicks individuals, called Keepers, to locate and obtain special Stones that have the power to restore balance to the universe.

Andrew is trying to impress his new girlfriend Christine at the carnival when he meets the Keepers. Drawn to them by an unidentifiable familiarity, Andrew follows them. Thrust into a world of harrowing adventure, he journeys through various dimensions and encounters Venom, a man who holds the one thing the Keepers desperately need to save Earth—the Stone of Power.

But Venom has other ideas about what Earth needs and threatens the Keepers’ plans at every phase of their mission. In these new realms of danger and even horror, Andrew must find his own power in order to make the sacrifices necessary to save Earth. As Andrew begins to fight back, he realizes he and Venom have a lot more in common than he thought.

Stone of Power is a young adult fantasy series.

Amazon Reviews (4.8/5 stars):

“An absolute blast to read that really hooks more as it goes.” – Daniel J. Hodge

“It’s an excellent story for any kid who loves comic books and science!” – EricaPossible

“Had me suffering from the “just one more chapter” syndrome.” – T. Gilbert

“I urge anyone who enjoys the sci-fi genre and all its elements to read this book.” – Karolina B.

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